About Me

I am 32 years old and have a career in enhancing and supporting existing web applications. This is a hobby of mine, which is to build web applications from scratch as well as help others outside of my workplace with their websites. I also build PCs and may certainly put a few builds I have in mind on a blog post in the future.

I currently have a Master's Degree in Computer Science with a "specialization" in Information Technology. I also have an A+ certification and a TestOut Security certification. I am working towards SSCP and Security+ certifications as well.

When I'm not programming one way or another, I really enjoy travelling as well as hanging out with my friends for a drink.

If you are interested in learning more about me, feel free to contact me!


When a request gets sent to G7470 Programming, what is the process that the request goes through from start to completion?


When it comes to completing any kind of project, one of the best things that you can do is to create a project plan!


Designing a project is not the easiest task. This is a big step in taking that vision in your head and putting this vision into reality. The vision must be able to be put down on paper so that this vision can be realized.


Development is an essential part of the project process. Having a design is nice, but the design cannot make you a fully completed product! Here at G7470 Programming, we take great pride in making sure that you have the cleanest and best experience as possible during this time.


Code delivery is quite important. This phase of the project is the transition from G7470 Programming's environment to your own environment, provided that we are not developing in your environment from the beginning.


Once everything has been delivered, tested, and launched, G7470 Programming is unique in that it will provide support to bugs and assistance to you the client. We are determined to make sure our clients are comfortable with their completed project as well as make sure that they can expand it.

Technologies I Know

PHP Java JQuery ASP.NET C C++ JavaScript MVC PeopleSoft XML XSLT C# MYSQL CSS3 HTML5 Ingeniux Jade Oracle SQL Apache Velocity