April 28, 2014

Crunch Time!

This week is the week before the final exams for my Master’s classes that I am taking. Guess who just stayed up until 3am in order to finish a project that is due tonight? This guy. Did I procrastinate? I would say a little bit; however, on top of work as well a current development project shown here, there is not a whole lot of time outside of my day to really sit down and work on some of these projects (well, not as much time as I would like anyways). So there I was, up until 3am this morning finishing up said projects to turn in for class today.

I’m sure many if not all of you had a deadline to meet one time or another for some sort of activity, whether it was for a class project, a work project, or merely something in order to give your kids something nice on Christmas.

So when “crunch time” happens, what do most of us do? We panic, rush around, and finish what needs to be done. We usually do not finish it well or up to snuff, but hey, it is done, right?

However, in the technology world, making sure things are “up to snuff” as well as meeting deadlines are very important factors to consider when it comes to development projects, including websites, web applications, and all technology. Would you want a car that can only run part of the time? What about an air conditioner? A heater? Electricity? All of these things must be done RIGHT; otherwise, those technology foundations that we take advantage of day in and day out would not be dependent at all.

So, for projects and other tasks, what can we do in order to make sure that we don’t reach “crunch time”?

1) Make a Plan
Make any kind of plan, from telling yourself you’re going to go shopping a couple weeks before Christmas to an elaborate enterprise project plan, any planning will do. Just some planning in order to organize your time so that it is guaranteed that you will have said time to do it.

2) Create Mini-Deadlines for Yourself
Surprisingly enough, creating more, smaller deadlines is much less stressful than one large final deadline. Use this to your advantage in your planning so that you will not be in a panic mode once the final deadline is approaching must faster than you would have ever thought it would.

3) Get Started!
The most daunting task is to actually get started. Studies have shown that those who start a project have a much easier time of finishing said project than those who do not start. So get started!

If you have any questions or comments regarding project organization, post a comment below or contact me! I will be more than willing to answer any of your questions or comments.

That’s all for now, until next time…keep that tech gear ticking.