Slow and Steady Wins the Race…

June 23, 2014

Have you ever heard the saying “slow and steady wins the race”?

Well, at least to me, I feel that in a lot of cases, this is 100% true. It is very similar to asking: “Would you rather have it done quickly or have it done correctly?”

I encounter this on a continuous basis within the workplace, as I am sure many of you have as well.

Well, which would be the best option? Personally, I would much rather have things done correctly the first time instead of having to keep going back and fixing things. It makes everybody’s job much less stressful; however, some people like to set very strict deadlines that are near impossible to accomplish without having to cut some corners. It is very unfortunate that this happens, but it is very true in the working world.

So remember, if you can, take the project slowly so that you don’t miss anything important or/and cut any corners!

That’s all for now, until next time…keep that tech gear ticking.