Mafia Game Monday (MGM) – Game Management – Part 2

October 20, 2014

Hey all,

So last week, I was going on about how important Game Management is as well as stated some tips in order to help you with proper Game Management. If you have not read this post, read that here:

Ok, so tips are nice, but why does any of this have to do with your game? You got Game Management already in place, so why does this matter to you?

Game Management is something that is never stagnant. It changes all the time! Wait, Game Management changes all the time? How is that even possible?

Let us first think of your game like a company or a business. In a business, you have different managers that have been assigned specific roles. As the business demands begins to change, what would happen to your company if those manager roles did not change with your business demands? You would not only be missing out on a great opportunity (thus losing opportunity cost), but the company would also not function properly. You will have mismanagement all over the place, and your company would eventually come to a screeching halt because your company’s focus is not on the current customer’s demand.

Well, as your game evolves and changes, the management of your game must change along with it. You cannot stick to the same Game Management throughout the lifetime of the game and expect that to work. That strategy simply will not work! The users in those roles must change, and the roles themselves must adapt to the new gaming environment. For example, you start your game with one Forum Moderator to oversee the forums. Now, the forum rapidly expanded, and posts are being put on your forum at least one every minute! Do you think one Forum Moderator will be able to handle that kind of demand? No way!

Ok, so you now see that your management must change along with the demands of your users, but again, you already know this, so what difference does it make?

Let us go back to thinking that your game is a business. In a business, problems come up that must be resolved quickly and efficiently; however, you also want to limit the amount of time invested into problems in the future. You want to devote your time to making the business more efficient, right? So what could be more efficient than solving any problems very quickly, which gives your business more time to devote to future development?

Thus, the term adaptive management is born. Adaptive Management is exactly what was stated above: to not only solve problems with solutions, but also learn along the way in order to reduce error when producing said solutions.

So what does this have to do with your game?

A game is just like a business. Problems will arise with every game, and Game Management will help produce the solution for said problem. You want solutions that will be the best for not only for your users, but easily manageable, right? Well, with adaptive management, your management staff (including you) will get better and better at providing these solutions, as you are all learning along the way. The last thing you would want to do as a game owner is get stuck in your opinions and not learn along the way, as getting stuck in your own opinions usually leads to a game’s failure.

So remember: Game Management is important, it will change, and you must be willing to learn along the way. Keeping all of these things in mind, and you will have a much better head on your shoulders in order to bring a great game to the web. 🙂

That’s all for now, until next time…keep that tech gear ticking.


Mafia Game Monday (MGM) – Game Management – Part 1

October 13, 2014

This past week, I have been helping numerous owners of their games with code modifications, so because of this, I have been playing some of their games as well in order to get a feel for how their game operates. With many different owners, they all have various different methods for how they run their game. Because of playing these games, it brings back memories of when I was a sole owner of a game (Gangster Sanctuary for those of you who have played that before) of a very important topic: Game Management.

Game Management is a very broad topic but also extremely important for any owner. You want to make sure that your game runs appropriately 24 hours a day, which is impossible to monitor all the time when you have to sleep! So as someone who has experience with being an owner as well, here are some tips of mine in order to get started with Game Management:

  1. Create a Strategy BEFORE Launch – This is key. Make sure you have an idea of how you would like the game to be managed before launching your site. No management strategy while the game is active usually leads to failure.
  2. Develop Rules BEFORE Launch – This goes along with the previous point. As with a strategy, develop a rule base before launching your site so that rules are in place. You do not want to develop rules as you go. This usually leads to a game’s failure.
  3. Have a Team – This team can be as little as a couple of people to many people depending upon your game size or your own personal preference. You cannot manage a game entirely on your own. Make sure you have some kind of team that can help you manage the game!
  4. Define Management Roles – Along with my previous point, make sure everyone in your team has a defined management role. With roles properly defined, it will make it much easier for you to understand what the team is doing.
  5. Give Team Members Authority ONLY as Necessary – Do not give your team members any extra authority than what is absolutely needed in their defined role. You would not want for example a Forum Moderator to have the authority to ban a user from the game. Keep this in mind when defining responsibilities.

There are more specific strategies that you can implement for your game, so stay tuned for next week!

That’s all for now, until next time…keep that tech gear ticking.