July 5, 2018

FIFA World Cup – VAR!

Hello all,

I don’t know about all of you, but I have been so excited the past couple weeks for the FIFA World Cup in Russia, despite USA not being a part of it this year. Wish they would be there to watch, but we cannot always get what we want, can we? Cue the Rolling Stones song…

Anyways, with the world cup, one of the biggest gripes that seems to always come up are the controversial plays that may or may not result in a foul. There have been multiple occasions when the referee on the field have made the incorrect call. If any of you have watched any sports (especially american football lately), you noticed that there are a number of calls that go under some sort of review to determine whether or not the call that was made on the field was correct. The idea of this is to ensure that the correct calls are made so that the deserving team wins that particular game. Just recently in american football, there were a couple calls made, one in the super bowl actually, that utilized this review in order to ensure correctness.

That is exactly what FIFA is doing now with the World Cup. They are using what they call Virutal Assistant Referee (or VAR for short). The hope for VAR is to cut down on the number of plays that are controversial and called incorrectly. I sure hope this works, because I really don’t like being on the wrong end of a wrong call, that is for sure!

Side note: I am hoping for France to win! Who are you rooting for?

That’s all for now, until next time….keep that tech gear ticking.